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    Script to Apply Conditional Tag based on Paragraph Tag?


      I use conditional tags to apply automatic updates to headers and footers using variables. The conditional tag is applied to a paragraph based on what the paragraph tag is. The condition displayed is dependent upon where it is located in the hierarchy. For instance, let's say the RED conditional tag is higher than the BLUE conditional tag, which is higher than GREEN conditional tag. I apply the RED conditional tag to the paragraph that has the Red paragraph tag applied.


      Could I use a script to search for the paragraph tags (e.g., Red, Blue, Green)  and apply the corresponding conditional tag? I would also want to ensure that no other conditional tags are applied to any of the text in each paragraph. Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you in advance!






      (Red) This paragraph uses the Red paragraph tag and has the RED condition applied.

      (Blue) This paragraph uses the Blue paragraph tag and has the BLUE condition applied.

      (Green) This paragraph uses the Green paragraph tag and has the GREEN condition applied.