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    Need help on Premier Elements 9 - Corrupted file


      I have Premier Elements 9 installed on my Dell laptop, Inspiron 5520, Win 7, that I purchased new in 2012.  The Adobe Premier Elements 9 app came loaded
      on the laptop.


      When I attempt to open the app, I receive a dialog box titled "Premier Elements 9.0 Debug Event" with the following message:



      When I go to the Adobe support page, it directs me to “Find Your Serial Number”, which also directs me to the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS).  LWS does not show any products, and the serial number page wasn’t much help - all require I provide the serial number for the app; I do not have the source media, and as I cannot open the app, I am unable to access the embedded S/N.


      I realize that PEs has gone through several upgrades, butI like it and would like to resurrect the app-LOL


      Thanks for any assistance.


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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            If Premiere Elements 9 wasn't installed with an Adobe serial number, you may well have gotten a limited edition version that Dell threw in for free. Unfortunately, you won't find any support from Adobe if this is the case.


            This is a pretty old piece of software and it isn't even compatible with a number of current video formats. But, assuming you're still working with tape-based HDV or miniDV video, your best bet may be to buy an old copy of version 9 on Amazon or from eBay and try a re-install. Though even that may or may not work, since there are a number of components that may no longer activate.


            I know you say you like this classic older version, but I really think the liabilities of getting it up and running are far outweighed by the benefits of upgrading. Even if you just upgrade to version 11 or later (they can be had relatively inexpensively), you'll find so much better performance, ease of use and support for current formats like AVCHD and smartphone video.

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              johnh81364514 Level 1

              Steve – Thanks for your response, and your right, the app is six revisions down.  I am not sure why the file(s) in my PE app became corrupted, but your response did convince me to dump the app and move on.