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    LR6 - touchscreen use compatibility

    Silvana Perconti

      Hello everyone,


      I am looking into buying a 13-14" convertible laptop, to do some minor editing in LR6 on the go.


      Some background: I mainly edit my photos on a Desktop computer with a Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet.
      I pretty much ditched my mouse and work with pen only - and I love it.


      Consequently, what I looking for in a portable device is a model that will support pen use. I don't even need pressure sensitivity, but I do want to use cropping and maybe some minor local adjustments. So initially, I thought I might not even necessarily need a model with a display that support an active digitizer pen, such as the surface pro models.
      Doing my research, however, I noticed a lot of people complaining about LR6 (in contrast to LR5), does NOT support the use of develeopment tools on a capacitive display.


      So my main question:
      1) when using a capacitive display: does this affect all development tools or only some?
      2) will usinge a laptop that supports an active pen fix these problems?
           I am actually not looking to by any of the Microsoft Pro products (unless I really really have to, because other models are not possible). I am rather aiming towards    the HP spectre 13" x360 or the Lenovo Yoga 720 13". Will I be able to use all LR6 development tools in those models?
      3) Or, worst case scenario: is pen use only supported when using Lightroom CC, but not Lightroom 6? (even when using a Microsoft Surface Product)


      I really just want to know what I have to look for. Because if using a pen with LR6 on no matter what device I use, no matter if capacitive or active touchscreen, won't work, then I can save some serious money and put it in different specs.


      Thanks a lot for everyone's help,



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          I've been trying to research this also for using the brush tool in LR6. Looks like it used to be a feature, but they changed it in LR6. Does anyone know if there's a way to modify the ini file to restore this functionality?

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            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Hi Silvana

            If you are not concerned about pressure sensitivity, Matt Kloskowski has an interesting video on tablet customization for regular keyboard short cuts. I think he is using LR CC on a Macbook Pro because he edits directly from Lightroom into Photoshop but I’m sure this type of set up could be achieved on a Windows PC even without touch functionality.


            So much focus is now on Lightroom mobile, especially using the iPad Pro with the Apple pencil. The processor and flash storage up to 500gb makes this more powerful than many desktop or laptop computers and everything is kept in sync across all devices and desktop pc’s with a Creative Cloud subscription.