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    Why am I being warned about ColorSync and referred to nonexistent controls?

    Mobius Strip Level 2

      Hi all.


      When I go to print from Photoshop, I'm hounded with dialogs saying, "ColorSync color matching may produce different results than printer color management. Either Photoshop color management or printer color management is recommended.


      But I'm using printer color management:



      The panel on the right also says, "Remember to enable the printer's color management in the print settings dialog box." There is no such option on any of that dialog's pages.


      I printed anyway and the colors are highly inaccurate. If I switch to "Photoshop manages colors," it doesn't complain about ColorSync anymore. But I don't have a printer profile for my printer (Epson NX430) and so far can't find one online.


      What action are we expected to take in this situation?


      Thanks for any insight!