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    Huge audio issue!!! Please help!


      Hi, I am having this very frustrating and difficult problem with my audio in 2014 after effects cc. When I drag the audio and play it, it works just fine. But as soon as I apply an effect such as lowering the audio levels, etc., it does not show this, as in you can not hear it. Further issues with this problem, whenever I trim my comp (the trim to comp right click option on timeline) it changes the position in which I had the audio automatically. Further, if I keep the audio the same without any effects on it, when I render the video it also changes the position in the song then what I put it at originally. If you need more details I can provide more evidence and problems that have to go along with the audio such as dragging a second audio in and it changed the position of the first audio layer by itself. I have already tried everything possible and now looking for help from the pros.