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    Script to save different file formats

    octavum Level 1

      Hi, i am working in packaging at the moment and as many of you may know, print companies want a whole lot of different files. At the moment we give as a standard Low and Hi Res PDF, CS5 and CC Illustrator files, both outlined and with live text.


      Having often a product range with many variants, this can be a demanding task.


      I made myself an action, which cleans up unused colour, appearances and symbols and den saves a copy as the 2 PDFs, continues to save the 2 live text illustrator versions and then makes all layers visible, outlines text and saves those versions. All working fine with a folder structure i have set up.


      I still have to package each file manually, and after i run the script, i have to change all the filenames, as the action does not provide custom name, as in the existing filename with ending CS5_OL for example.


      I thought a script would take car of all of this. Maybe in combination with apples automator.


      Any ideas out there, or did you come across a script like this once? And yes, i can not script myself.


      Thanks, Dimitri