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    Can I use arrows or keyboard to control eyeballs

    Rowby Level 1



      Update -- could it be because I have " Face behavior" disabled?

      Here's a link to the files in dropbox  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vul6vyrjzb13c9a/AABODr-T6VGud4Yu1PgJfPjca?dl=0


      I'll be providing a dropbox  link to my files shortly.


      I am trying to use the mouse to control the eyeballs -- rather than using the webcam.  But I am having two problems.


      1)  The eyeballs bounce

      2)  The eyeballs go out of the iris.


      I have Left pupil range selected.  I'm sure with some fine tuning that will fix the eyeballs going out of their iris.

      Not sure how to keep the iris from bouncing.


      Here's a link to a video screencast showing my settings and the result.https://www.screencast.com/t/4jvOYxEf4


      Using the latest CC 2017 April version.


      Thanks everyone - having fun with Character!