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    .MPG import in Premiere Elements 15 but no sound (and no audio track)

    wesleyi91514052 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have an issue and I hope somebody can help me here.

      I have recorded zillion video's from my kids and holidays and now bought the Premiere Elements 15 to start making some nice movies from them.

      All short video files are .mpg files. When I import drag/drop these on to the timeline, I get no audiotrack with it. No sound at all.

      What needs to be done to be able to drag and drop these and get some audio with it?


      It are all short video's from couple of seconds to minutes.


      Can anybody help? I'm using Windows 10 and the system is just a few months old.

      Maybe download some extra codecs? How and where?


      Many thanks!

      Kind regards, Wesley