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    Artifacts after defringe


      After I use the defringe in Photoshop I keep getting this effect, how do I stop thisA2.jpg

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Are you viewing this at 100% zoom ratio?  It's the only way to fully trust what you see on the screen.

          How did you apply defringe?  It is usually used on a layer that contains an object with transparent background like this

          Are you adding the sky? If yes, is it to the same layer as the rock?  If yes, that's not a good way to do it.  You should copy the rock to a new layer, and place the new sky behind it.  That avoids the sort of fringing you get from antialiasing where the two edges meet.


          Apologies if you knew that.

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            roberts64109915 Level 1

            I am selecting the temple by choosing , select, color range, select the sky, inverse, modify, feather, . Then I drag the selected image to the sky photo its when I try to defringe after this I get that effect