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    DialogModes.NO in script ignored when called from action via Bridge Batch

    fernold Level 1

      I have a fully working action which includes a script call. The script includes an executeAction with suppressed dialogs (DialogModes.NO).


      Everything works flawlessly when run in photoshop and also when using Automate->Batch... in Photoshop.

      However, when I select the images in Bridge and then invoke the action via Tools-Photoshop->Batch, The dialog keeps appearing abd interrupts the action. DialogModes.NO seems to be ignored when running it this way.


      Thankful for any insight into this.







        function main(){ 
          if(!documents.length) return; 
          makeLayerActiveByName("Layer  0"); 
          var fileName = decodeURI(activeDocument.name);
          var fileName = fileName.substring(0,fileName.length - 4)
          activeDocument.activeLayer.name= decodeURI(fileName); 

      function makeLayerActiveByName(nm) { 
        function cTID(s) { return app.charIDToTypeID(s); }; 
          try { 
            var desc5 = new ActionDescriptor(); 
            var ref4 = new ActionReference(); 
            ref4.putName( cTID('Lyr '),  nm); 
            desc5.putReference( cTID('null'), ref4 ); 
            desc5.putBoolean( cTID('MkVs'), false ); 
            executeAction( cTID('slct'), desc5, DialogModes.NO ); 
          return true; 
          } catch (e) { 
            return false;