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    Importing .vpe from Photoshop into AE camera not lined up and null/anchor point to far

    Unicycle Rob Level 1

      Here are my step I've taken....


      I bring in an image into photoshop and select filter, and vanishing point.

      I then creating my vanishing points and export as .vpe file for after effects.

      I go into after effect and import .vpe file.

      The file import and I open the composition it created me.

      attached is what I see... (I've circled in yellow where the null is located. You'll see where the images are anchored to it and see how far away they are. Also you'll see how the "Active Camera" is not lined up after import either. Its actually upside down.)

      The null/anchor point is too far away so if I were to try and adjust it, one small hairline move throws everything in some crazy direction way to much!


      I'm using After Effect 2015.3

      Please help! Thank you!