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    Unable to bundle extension in ZXP, help

    LuckyDe121 Level 1

      Hey all,


      So I've finished writing my first extension and I'm really exited! This tool I made can save so much time internally as I made a sprite sheet builder based off user layer comps. However I can't publish it and the docs I found are spiradic , i could really use advice on this I dont know the best place to ask. Hopefully you can give me feedback!


      I have the extension with the normal layout, I built it in sublime with javascript



      WIth the manifest file, I tried to sign it with ZXPSignCmd like this

      $ ./ZXPSignCmd -sign luckysprite luckysprite.zxp lucky.p12 password
      But when I try to load it it says it's corrupted. I tried to verify it and it says it's fine. Something's wrong with my manifest file I think but I dont know what.



      I tried to make it work on all versions of photoshop I could, from now till the future.


      Does anyone have any guides on what I did wrong, and how I can make a private extension I can redistribute to users in my company. All using Photoshop CC to CC 2017?
      Feedback would be greatly appreciated!


      Thank you so much!