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    Transferring Draw projects from one account to another?

    pablodoesdesign Level 1


      My company pays for an individual CC license for each of the designers on my team, so I wasn't paying for one for the last 2 years when I started using Draw and Sketch apps. Now the agency I work for moving to a new building with our parent company and we will all be changing over to a site license and our individual licenses will soon expire. I now also have an education account because  want all my new personal work on my personal account.


      So that makes three Adobe accounts total, but only one of which has Draw/Sketch content (original work account).



      So now that my work individual license is going to go defunct (in a month? 2 months?), I need my Draw/Sketch project raw files connected the appropriate accounts (personal projects to my personal education account, work projects in the new work account) so that I can keep working on them.


      I know I can export my files as pdf/psd/ai, but then I can't continue to work on them from within the app. Anyone out there have suggestions for or experience with transferring the source files to another account(s)?