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    EPUB Animations on iPad not working properly / buggy!

    Midsonnn Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create an ePub for a client to use on their iPad. The animations on the iPad appear before the page loads, then disappear, then appear again with the chosen animation. This really ruins the flow of the document! It works perfectly on iBooks on my Mac. I've tried copying all of the content onto another new document and then exporting it to see if works. Again, it does not but some elements (text/graphics) do animate properly whilst other elements still have the same problem.


      I've seen similar problems here with no proper fix: Re: Fixed EPUB animations buggy? The latest reply to that thread says to untick the 'Hide Until Animated' checkbox and put a delay on the first animation, but this has not helped.


      Has anyone else experienced this? Or better yet, found a proper fix?