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    Canon 5dsr raw images


      I'm the proud owner of Lightroom 5.7. I'm also the proud owner of a Canon 5dMk3 and, recently, a Canon 5dsr.


      Raw images from the Mk3 have no issues being imported into Lightroom 5.7.


      Initially I had no issues importing Raw images from the 5dsr UNTIL I changed the file format on the camera to just Raw (CR2) rather than Raw + Jpeg. Then I found the file format wasn't supported in 5.7.


      Which Lightroom supports the Raw file format from the 5dsr and how come I could import Raw images initially but then I couldn't (weird)?


      Do I have to move to Lightroom 6? Can I upgrade to Lightroom 6? I really would prefer not to use CC.


      Any help/suggestions would be gratefully recived. I'm on the forum because when I searched it appears that LR6 still presents some issues.