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    z = zoom!


      I would like to be able to hit the z button on my computer and get the zoom tool, as I was able to do when I was using Photoshop7.


      Scenario:  I am using the lasso tool.  I want to zoom so I hit z  and the tool switches to zoom, and I draw a box around the area I want to zoom into.  I get no zoom and after a few seconds a lasso selection shows up in the area instead.  I look and the tool has reverted to lasso.  I have discovered that I need to hit z twice although this does not work 100% of the time.  Even worse- sometimes I'm using the erase tool and I accidentally erase stuff when the tool switches back to erase even though I pressed z.  I will see the the tool has switched to zoom as it should when pressing z, I will make a box around where I want to zoom and then I see stuff get deleted because the stupid thing switches back to erase!


      This really screws up my pace while I'm working.  Please tell me there is a solution for this...

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which version of Photoshop? Which operating system?

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            Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Patricia


            I think you are just holding down too long on the z key. Photoshop will switch tools if you quickly tap the z key. If you hold down on the z key it will temporarily switch tools (for as long as you are holding the key) and when you let go it switches back to the previously selected tool. So try a quick tap to get the default behavior that you want.


            Let us know if that helps