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    Multi Machien render cc2017

    7up Special

      Hello, need help


      I have a network of 3 quad core macs with 16gb memory and ssd's all with the Adobe After Effects render engine running looking at a maped network accessible drive then to a watch folder. They all recognize if a project is placed in it as I get an error meessage once I do on each computers engine saying "Render control file not valid fo (my filename)" .  I have the latest update of after effects "" and all computers nodes are the same. The server or main computer where the watch folder is has a simple comp with no effects others then text movement key framed in a 20 minitue journey across the screen to make sure that the comp, plugins or any thing with the comp would not be causing me the error. As all plug ins must be network wide.


      I select a tiff image sequence


      turn on multi Machien rendering


      and. Pick a out put folder


      then get all dependances and export it into the watch folder


      and always get that errror message


      does any one else have this issue???


      or have a working mac render farm on cc 2017 environment?


      please help