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    Creating 2D Steam


      Does anyone know how to replicate this kind of steaming beverage effect? I've tried a tutorial that involves putting shapes with various wiggle expressions into a comp and then blurring out that comp and using Alpha Curves to get the kind of metamorphosis effect, but it doesn't look naturally 'twisty' like steam does.



      Citibank Spot Animations – Coffee by Valentin Kirilov - Dribbble

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          greenlimejuice Level 1

          The example you provided looks far more like a matte and moving shapes than any effect.


          It looks like there are rounded rectangles on both sides that move up and a couple circles with an increasing radius that expand. Then that composition is used as a matte for the white.


          Does that help? or are you looking for a different style than the one attached?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Agree. That is rather clearly meticulous shape animation. If you want "realistic" steam, lokk into Andrew Kramer's "Light Streaks" tutorials. The techniques are similar. Otherwise there's a million other ways just as well. You just have to experiment e.g. with distortion effects.



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