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    GREP – Need a way to find all Instances of "Plate" preceeded by a word with a capital letter


      Hi all,


      I'm really struggling to work this one out and I feel like I need a double lookbehind or something crazy. I need to assign a No Break to every instance of "Xxxx Plate". The names of the plates are somewhat abstract so I'm defining them as any word preceding the word "Plate" that has a capital letter in it. So it would No Break "Lovely Plate", "Sooper Plate" but not "our Plates" or "this particular Plate".


      (?<=\<)\u seems to find the capital letter in the words, but I want the space after it, and only if that space is proceeded by the word Plate.


      I'm lost, basically. I've been going round and round and can't work out a solution. Not even close, tbh.


      Any help would be hugely appreciated.