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    Animated Handwriting

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      90% sure this is not the correct forum, but ya gotta start -somewhere-. Sorry if these seems so 'noob'.


      I want to create an animation for insertion into a Premiere video, the contents of which is the old cliche of handwriting appearing out of thin air.


      I mean as if I were using using a screen recording program and drawing (or rather 'handwriting' with my wacom tablet) live in Photoshop or AI) on a transparent background.


      Except that I want to 'record' that handwriting 'performance' such that it goes into a PSD animation or into an After Effects file or an AVI file or -something-... I have no idea -what- at this point. All I know is that I want to handwrite with my pen/tablet and have a file that I can import into Premiere.


      The ultimate goal is to put it into an instructional video.


      What would be a good tool for doing this sort of thing?