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    Creating Animated GIF


      I am trying to create an animated GIF using a series of photos. I am using the guide from Create animated GIFs |  However when I get to the Step 3 (Convert layers into animation frames) When I click on the right menu of the Timeline the options I see are different than the ones shown in the guide.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          We can't really work anything out from your description.  Can you paste a screen shot of your entire workspace showing the layers panel and the timeline please?  Don't downsize it.  Just copy to clipboard, and paste here with Ctrl v



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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            The timeline Palette supports  two types of timelines.  A frame Animation Timeline or Video timeline.  Make sure you First used used Create Frame animation if that is what you are trying to do.  Use the Pull-down select create Frame Animation the click the create frame animation button,


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              J'ai le même problème que DhandaNot, voici la capture d'écran de la fenêtre qui s'ouvre et qui n'est pas la même que dans le tutoriel. Pouvez-vous m'aider ? merci

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                Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                Hi Faurej


                The menus are context sensitive.  They have different contents according to what is in the timeline.


                You _have_ to create a Frame Animation as a first step. 

                You can then use the menu to Make Frames from layers

                You can then select all of the frames, and use any of the time drop downs to set the duration for each slide.

                Does that help?  We have a French Language forum if that is an issue.

                Forums en français

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                  Be sure Timeline is visible (Window, Timeline)

                  Be sure Create Frame Animation is selected (drop down, middle of Timeline)

                  Click on Create Frame Animation, (drop down, middle of Timeline) this will insert your top layer into timeline.

                  Click flag icon on upper right of Timeline- you will now be able to see Make Frame From Layers - click on it and all of your frames will show up in timeline