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    Lightroom mobile workflow

    michaeldufranne Level 1



      i recently purchased an iPad Pro and intend to use it while travelling to import my D750 raw pictures onto Lightroom and sync them via Creative Cloud to my desktop app.

      I have tried to read the other posts on the topic in the forum, however I apologise if my questions/requests are duplicate.

      I expect more from Adobe in terms of import workflow.

      - the fact that you have to first import in the Photo app on the iPad is bad, but is probably an iOS limitation ? Would be great to avoid duplicating content in Lr and Photos... Ultimately I would prefer to import from the SD card reader directly into Lightroom.

      - where is basic metadata import ? This is the biggest drawback for me : I need to be able to add some keywords to the pictures in Lr mobile. Too much of a pain in the butt to do it after the facts in Lr desktop.

      - collection management is not easy : I have to create a collection in Lr mobile to find my stuff on the desktop but once the sync is done I don't need the collection/photos anymore on the iPad. That part is not well optimised.


      I feel Lr mobile is great to have your collections on the go, but Adobe should come up with a better app to support an import workflow more efficiently.


      At at this point I wonder if it is not easier to just import the photos in Photos app and they when I return on my desktop have them transferred via Bridge.


      Any tips, comments welcome !

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Michael,


          Once your photos are in Lightroom mobile, you can delete them from Photos. This article of mine explains the process.


          Hopefully keywording will come.


          Regarding your comment that you need to create a collection to find your stuff on the desktop: photos will show up in the Folders panel - by default in a separate iPad section / database, but they can be dragged elsewhere. You can also go to the Lightroom mobile tab in Preferences (Lightroom>Preferences on Mac, Edit>Preferences on PC) and change the default location.


          I hear you that you're not fully satisfied with the experience - I can't change that. ;-)



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            michaeldufranne Level 1

            Thanks for your reply, yes I know I can delete the photos from the photo apps, and people should because they are copied to Lr mobile at import.

            I use the parameter you mention to store the pics directly where I want them in my folder structure, by date like all the other ones. But then I have to delete the pics from Lr mobile after the sync.

            too many steps for a simple import. Adobe should come up with a better workflow. If there is a product manager listening, I am available to discuss this further. I was at NAB but there was no one on the Adobe booth to discuss that matter.

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              Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

              You're welcome, Michael.  An alternative to going back to Lightroom mobile to remove the photos is to remove them in Lightroom desktop from the All Synced Photographs collection (in the Catalog panel) - then they won't sync to Lightroom mobile anymore.


              You can give Adobe feedback on this page.

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