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    Unable to Upload eps Vectors - Both via FTP and Drag-and-Drop Methods

    load-mango Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I've been trying for many days now to upload my vector portfolio to Adobe Stock, and haven't been successful.


      First issue - the drag and drop method simply doesn't work, period. When trying to upload zip files with eps vector and preview jpg, it just gives the "file.zip couldn't be uploaded because it is not a valid file type." And of course I checked that my preview image is at least 3000 px (it actually is 5500x5500).


      So being unlucky with this method, I tried ftp, and did successfully upload the first batch from my collection. It got through, and was approved by Adobe Stock. When I tried to upload via ftp the second batch, it first worked as I uploaded a few files, then when I tried resumed uploading later, ftp just stopped working flat-out. It wouldn't even upload the files that went through in the past successfully.


      This is just bizarre. Is anyone having the same issue? Would Adobe please assist?


      Thanks to all.