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    Issue with ASUS ROG  + GTX 1070 (Slow Performance)




      i recently bought me a Asus ROG G752VS-GC054T, i7 6820HK, 32 GB RAM + GTX 1070 and was hoping to edit much more faster in Premiere CC.


      I have been struggling,with this the past days...tried almost ever tip i found on the internet (installed cuda drivers,manually set up the "supported cards" text file...etc.)


      The problem is that Cuda support is shown and selectable in CC, but it doesnt seem to access the GTX 1070. With everthing i do, its always just the CPU maxed out at almost 100%. And i am only editing HD material not even 4K.


      At the moment i need to edit a multicam project, and its just pure frustation, its so slow like a slideshow - i cant work like that. :-(


      I even tried older drivers or converting the files (which were sony XAVC) to MXF and other, but even that didnt do the trick.


      Any suggestion what i can do else? I have been struggling with this almost the whole night and i am getting crazy already...