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    Back up Mac with Time Machine-lightroom


      I am running out of space on my Mac, I backed up with time mach into external drive, but does it automatically back up my edited pictures or do I need to do another back up and create a folder in lightroom? Thank you

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          dj_paige Level 10

          You shouldn't need additional backups, the one created by Time Machine should be fine.


          However, you need to make backups of your catalog file as well as the photos. You need to check to make sure this is happening. THe preferred way to do this is to use the built-in Lightroom catalog backup method, and make sure this backup is set to be stored on the external drive, and performs the test of integrity check.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            LR never changes the original image. Time Machine is backing up your complete hard drive which should include your images, that is "IF" your images are stored on the internal drive of your Mac.

            No images are ever inside LR. LR is a Database program that References your images from where they are stored on your hard drive into the LR catalog file, a Database file.


            IMHO what you should do and or have.

            1) At least one complete backup copy of all your images on an external drive.

            2) Allow LR to do Auto Backups of the LR catalog file once a week (which is the default setting for LR backups).

            3) A Time Machine backup of the complete hard drive on a second, another, different, external drive than what your images are backed up to.

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              cmgap Adobe Community Professional

              You may find Julienne Kost' blog on backup strategies helpful. Even though this is labeled Lr 5 - it is still appropriate for Lr CC.


              Video Tutorial – Lightroom 5 Backup Strategies « Julieanne Kost's Blog

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