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    AMD Ryzen 1700/x


      Hello everyone,

      Does anybody here uses AMD Ryzen 1700/X (or without x), and can give a feedback on it's preformence?

      If there is, can you tell me what Motherboard you are using? Memory card and GPU?


      Thank you!


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          DflippinK Level 1

          I would probably recommend the 1700x between the two.. just for its base clock frequency.. being 3.4 rather than 3.0.. the boost clocks are nearly identical between the two, but at stock settings and without the XFR and Precision boost features of the 1700x, you will have to overclock to bring your cpu frequency up.. with the 1700x, they're at a good speed stock.. The other issue is that because all boost functions and features disable the moment you overclock, you lose those features clocking the 1700 anywhere beyond its base 3.0ghz frequency.. Furthermore, there is always the possibility the the chips are in fact binned.. which basically means the lesser models cant handle the clock speed and temps that the higher models can.. Considering this, it really may damage your chip trying to achieve performance levels of the higher end chips..but.... it might not. Anyway, just some stuff to think about.. I myself went with the 1800x on my latest build,... and it is outstanding.. you can check it here     https://pcpartpicker.com/b/Kwhypg  

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            jonathanp80298883 Level 1

            Thank you for the tip!

            Can you recommend a motherboard, in a reasonable price, that fits the CPU?

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              DflippinK Level 1

              I can only really recommend the MSI x370 SLI PLUS motherboard as it id the one I have personal experience with... But I do recommend it.. Many people have had a lot of issues with their motherboards and this one has been flawless..

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                jonathanp80298883 Level 1

                THANK YOU