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    Sync problem from Lightroom Mobile to PC - download "waiting"


      Dear All,

      Cannot download some images from Lightroom Mobile to my Windows PC. They were shot on my iPhone 6 and uploaded fine to Lightroom Mobile. Sync fine with my iPad. I can edit on iPhone, iPad and Lightroom Mobile, but these 133 images will ot download to my PC. All other images download and sync fine. Just discovered this returning home from a couple of months of travelling. Have found no pattern that would reveal why these images stalls in downloading. My PC Lightroom just says "waiting" in the preferences/mobile tab. Most of them are JPGs and a few are PNGs. No video. Seems something has gone awry somewhere in my PC Lightroom software, What to do?

      In a quandary,


      Best wishes,

      Bosse Lindquist

      Documentary maker

      PS I use the latest Lightroom CC version 2015.10