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    PDF from (old) Fireworks


      I have Fireworks MX 2004 and I have created a page I need to have as a PDF for distribution - as you will gather I am not very good with this stuff...

      The file was made a while ago (hence the old version of firewosks), I now have Adobe Design Premium CS3 but that doesn't give me a newer version of Fireworks.

      The document is 993 by 1403 pix with a resolution of 120 pix/inch and I need to export it as a PDF.

      I have Acrobat 8 Proffesional and I have tried exporting the file from fireworks in a number of formats and then creating a PDF in Acrobat. JPEG gives me the best look outcome but the quality is not perfect.

      My question is; how can I get a perfect quality PDF from this file? Should I open it or export it to one of the programs in Design Premium CS3 - Photoshop? Or is there a better way?

      Many Thanks in advance,
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          pixlor Level 4
          Have you tried exporting a 24-bit flattened .png? Give it a different name so you don't overwrite yor source file. That should be better quality than the .jpg.
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            Sarthak Singhal Adobe Employee
            Fireworks is available in Design Premium 3.3 version. You can try opening the file in Illustrator or Photoshop and export it as a PDF file.

            For your information: Fireworks CS4 natively allows for export to PDF. All the pages within fireworks png file are exported as different pages of PDF document.
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              Dave Hogue Level 2
              Unfortunately, a "perfect quality" PDF from a bitmap at 120 pixels/inch is probably not possible, though it definitely will not look as soft and blurry as a 72 pixels/inch bitmap would!

              If your original Fireworks file is not just a bitmap but is instead composed of vectors, you could increase the pixels/inch of the document to 150 (for marginal improvements) or 300 and export a new PNG 24 image. (Unfortunately I don't have a copy of MX 2004 here, but in CS3 and CS4 you should make sure that no objects are selected on the canvas, then click the "Image Size" button in the Property Inspector, and change the resolution value to 150 or 300 pixels/inch. The vector objects will maintain their relative proportions and positoin, the bitmap objects (if any) will be upsampled and made larger, and the canvas size will increase. Now export the image and try converting that to a PDF for hopefully better quality.)