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    Flickering problem when using the "Lighting" adjustment


      If I have two video clips playing at once, i.e. a split screen or an overlay for example, everything is fine.  If I use the "Lighting" adjustment on the clip playing in the Video1 channel then also everything is fine.  If I then make a "Lighting" adjustment to the clip in Video2 then the problem occurs .  The clip in Video2 will flicker this adjustment on and off quickly.


      I've updated my video drivers to the latest version and also tried with Video Hardware Acceleration off to no avail.   This problem occurs during normal playback i.e live playback and on a export.


      All video was shot at 25fps on a Canon 5D mk2 at 1080p.


      Project settings:

      Editing mode: DSLR
      Frame size 1920 x 1080
      Pixel aspect ratio:  square
      Fields: No fields (progressive scan)
      Display format: 25 fps


      Version 14.1


      Please help!