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    Adobe Digital Editions does not launch. W10.


      I have not used digital editions for a while. I used it successfully with Windows 7. Now I am on Widows 10 and it  will not launch. Have uninstalled and re-installed. Still no luck. I get no error message, the cursor goes to the circle as if it is trying to open then nothing happens and the machine operates as normal: it does not lock up etc. I have a lot of  professional tests that I can only open with digital editions and now I cannot open digital editions. Tried opening as administrator: still no luck. Help!

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          danielh23259817 Level 1

          Hello. Is anybody from Adobe there? Your product is not functioning. Thank you.

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            I was able to use it with my Windows 10 home edition with latest updates. But then it stopped launching. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. I tried it with several compatibility modes from xp service pack 3 to windows 8. Still would act like it was launching then would fail. I created another account and it worked. So it seems like it is my profile that will not allow it to launch. So you could try a different account and see if that works. If that works then you will need to re-create your account on the box. But since windows 7 you have to edit the registry in order to recreate the same profile. Make sure that you do back up of the current profile so that you can reinstall favorites, documents, and desktop.