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    Muse Form problem



      I have uploaded my website made in muse and forms doesn't work.

      My hosting provider is telling me that mail() is not a secure function, and for that they have blocked all forms in the website.

      The solution they gave me was to do it by code through a SMTP connection.


      Is that possible and the best solution? How can i do it? Or the best thing to do is transfer to a different hosting provider?



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          fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

          May we ask, what provider you use? Maybe one of us in this world could make suggestions. Changing provider might be not the worst.

          In these times, mail through forms should be not insecure? Do they say, mail in general? Or just your settings?

          Code? What?

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            Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

            agreed, whom is hosting and why does your mail-form need to be secure?

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              Pavel Homeriki Level 5

              ascarv  написал(а)


              Or the best thing to do is transfer to a different hosting provider?

              This is what you need to do!


              Tip: Choose a hosting provider that has a php mail function.

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                I want to ask the designers of MUSE if they are really on the level of mail hosting in this time. PHP is from many providers no more accepted because of the spam filters. So MUSE should quickly be give this opportunity in the forms to choose the Mailserver form PHP to SMTP. Pleas do this as soon as possible. Otherwise the forms a no longer useful.

                Sorry but that ist the reality in times of mass spams.


                And another point. There is no support where you can reach someone via mail or phone at all and this by selling expansiv programs - that is no service.

                It's now only the searchtime of the users....


                Best regards Andrew