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    Tamil fonts in Photoshop and Illustrator



      The image attached above is to show how hard is to work with Tamil Fonts in Photoshop and the other Adobe Tools such as Illustrator and InDesign.


      Please help if anyone knows the fix for this issue.


      I am using Adobe CC 2015 (MacBook Pro)


      please help me

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think we can work out what your issue is from the screen shots as we don't understand Tamil.  Can you describe your issue in words please?

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            DawahTweet_abdurraafi Level 1

            The Issue is as follows:


            Copying and pasting Tamil Text from a source like a webpage or a pdf into Illustrator or Photoshop causes it to split up into undesired forms. To overcome this issue, designers creating content in Tamil have to invent weird workarounds like pasting the text in the browser first and then copy and paste it to Ai and Ps. This is just one of the several tedious workarounds that we have to implement despite Adobe claiming that Illustrator and Photoshop CC support Tamil.


            Tamil is a LTR language just like English





            1. How the text should appear



            2. How the text actually appears in Illustrator or Photoshop



            In both 1 and 2 the word has the exact same meaning however as in 2, the element inside the circle is supposed to render itself in the correct form and not appear as a standalone separate element.


            >Changing the font or enable "Indic options" does not solve the issue.


            > Although sometimes using the Adobe Typekit Tamil Font can solve the issue, but restricting a designer to using a single font is highly annoying.


            I believe i have expounded on this issue sufficiently

            Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon!


            Thank you.

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              Were you able to find a solution?