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    How to Change Backgrounds in Essential Graphics Panel?

    GSmaniamsmart Level 1

      Hi there,


      With the new April release of After Effects, users are given the option to create motion graphic templates with the Essential Graphics panel. I understand that I have to drag multiple effects into the panel, so that they can easily be changed then in Premiere Pro, or even as a shortcut to change things in After Effects. However, in tutorials from Adobe I saw they had an option to even change the video backgrounds through a slider. For example, if there were 3 possible backgrounds that could have been used for a title opening, there was a slider in the Essential Graphics panel that allowed you to pick a background by sliding it left or right. How can I add this to my Essential Graphics panel too? I am guessing this deals with expressions? If so, I'd have no idea how to do that, any help in getting this done would be appreciated.


      Thank you!