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    Kyle's Sketch Brushes (& Photoshop Brushes) not importing into Sketch


      Hi, I've been using PS Sketch for a while now and I really appreciated all the new features added that enhance my experience.


      The big issue I'm having here is that when I try to add Kyle's brushes for Sketch on my iPad, none show up? To try and access them, I press and hold on a brush and I go to the libraries tab, but when I go there, the brushes I imported from photoshop ALSO aren't in 'My Library' and Kyle's Brushes don't show up at all:




      (As you can see I tried uploading Kyle's Brushes multiple times to no avail.)


      It's really strange, I think when I use PS Sketch on my iPhone 7, Kyle's Brushes show up? But it's not showing up on my iPad and drawing primarily on my iPhone isn't really conducive to my workflow. (Do you think it's a software update issue? I don't think so, as I have the latest version. I also have a slightly older generation iPad, if that's at all relevant.)


      This has been a huge problem for me for weeks now, I'd really appreciate any help.