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    Contribute CS3 and blogengine.net

    saratogacoach Level 1

      First time user for Contribute CS3. Set up a .net blog using blogengine.net on a windows 2008 server hosted site. Checked and double-checked URL's, settings, permissions. The connection wizard in Contribute makes the connection, but an error message displays, saying "Error creating template for blog. <my blog site address>. Reason: Unknown Method (mt.SetPostCategories)." Then, I get a confirmation in the Wizard: "You have a new blog connection." And the connection successfully appears, and is available for use.

      When I "connect" to the blog with this new connection, I can view pages, add new posts (seems to first indicate that it is not succeeding-nothing happens, but then, if I separately navigate to the blog using another browser, the post appears on the blog site), but cannot edit or delete old posts. Each attempt, including successful new posts, is accompanied by the error message: "an error occured, please contact your administrator" (me).

      I've tried it over and over, but no success. However, the connection must be somehow functioning, because I can add new posts. (The blog site is functioning OK, and I can directly log in and modify posts, do other admin functions directly using a separate browser-no Contribute.)

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. (I had been considering upgrading to Contribute CS4, but, in light of this connection difficulty, it would seem problematic.)

      Kind Regards,