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    synchronise audio playback control for Indesign EPUB



      I have written and illustrated an e-book and added animation. It's been several years of work and it's almost ready to publish ...but for one issue that I am yet to solve.


      I have a challenge with controlling the playback of a single MP.3 audio file.


      I want to control the audio to sync with the specific pages of the e-book.

      Within the Interactive options of Indesign there seems to be no control over where the audio starts and stops for the pages, all the media and button options I have tried result in the audio resuming from the beginning of the recording for each new page, or resuming from the beginning with all the button options.

      Video media has a timeline control that can select specific areas to play back on a single video, but audio does not appear to have this same fine-grain control !


      I have read the forums and searched some of the professionals in the area (Liz Castro, Pariah Bourke). I have searched tutorials on Lynda and YouTube.


      Currently the only options I can see for controlling the playback of the single MP.3 in my e-book are:

      1. Cut the single audio into 20 clips and place on each page (controlled by a button). This would be OK but it would break up the continual smooth sound that is within the MP.3.

      2. Maybe I will convert the MP.3 to a video and set the designated areas to play back on each of the 20 pages. But this will maybe add unnecessary size to the e-book.


      I was hoping someone here might know of a way to get more control over a single audio file and control the playback in indesign; so that a single audio clip can be set to play at 1-2 minutes on page one, 2-3 minutes on page 2....etc etc until the end of the e-book.

      Or will I need to jump into the mysterious (and, for me, frightening) space of coding to fix this audio sequence issue?


      Thanks for any guidance and solutions  :-)