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    Read out loud only speaks numbers and symbols rather than content

    erinf79220814 Level 1

      I am having trouble with a PDF document and the Read Out Loud feature. Read out loud works for other documents. This PDF file particularly only speaks a series of numbers and symbols such as "*#6%#$" ...etc.  The content is words. 


      Can anyone tell me what is different with this PDF and if I can do something that allows me to use the Read Out Loud feature?  Thanks


      Under the Description tab it says PDF is not tagged. I went through the assistant setup and the Change Reading Options of Current Document to "Infer Reading Order from document" and "Read the entire document" selected.  It then processed the document.

      Security Tab-

      Security Method: No Security

      Can be Opened by: All versions of Acrobat


      Printing: Allowed

      Document Assembly: Not Allowed

      Content Copying: Allowed

      Content Copying for Accessibility: Allowed

      Page Extraction: Not Allowed


      Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

      Version 2017.009.20044

      On MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.3