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    FTP Upload

    G-Person Level 1

      Hello, I just uploaded a Panoramic Video via FTP with Filezilla, it went we no errors.

      Go out, go and log in here, and Adobe stock indicates nothing, no video no nada...

      What is the problem?



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          G-Person Level 1

          Based on the website:

          Minimum video resolution is 1280x720                               Mine is 1280 X730


          File format  MOV, MP4, MPG ,or AVI format.                      Mine is MP4 Created with Premiere Pro


          Duration at least 5 seconds and not exceed 60 seconds   Mine was 59 Seconds


          Maximum file size: 3900MB (3.9GB)                                  Mine is 45 Mb


          The Video has been removed, it is not even there, any more,
          The only thing I can think is the timing 59 seconds, the system maybe rounded to 60

          But still is NOT over.....

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            MatHayward Adobe Employee

            Sometimes there is a delay between when the upload is complete and when the video shows up in your indexing page. If you still don't see the files by this time tomorrow, let me know and I will ask the video team to dig deeper into this for you.


            Thank you,


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              G-Person Level 1

              >>you still don't see the files by this time tomorrow,

              This is impossible, since Adobe already removed the video.


              When you right click at the video on Windows, to see the properties, windows

              will show 60 seconds long, so I guessing on the Adobe server / system something

              similar happens and the file was delete.


              I was trying to make a variation today, but like many times, does not come out

              the same, so what I will do is speed up the clip, that will make it short too.

              And I will let you know....... Thanks

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                G-Person Level 1

                I give up, I ftp two files with no problem but one, you upload file 1 lets say, then when you

                upload file 2, file 1 disappear!!!


                Forget it, I will try again when Adobe fix this system, in mean time we will go

                some place else...... They can close my account if they wish.....


                I noticed Adobe is getting sloppy on some things and I do not tolerate that, from a major company.


                If they do close my account please let me know.........

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                  G-Person Level 1

                  I just check one more time, NO UPLOADS AT ALL, forget Adobe Stock

                  This time I drop the videos yo 40 seconds, your system stink