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    Can't open cc

    t0bler Level 1

      Is anyone else suddenly unable to connect to LR cc? Suddenly I can't. It asks me to login to my Adobe account, but when I do, there's some kind of loop that keeps taking me back to that page. I have tried every trick on their help and FAQ pages, including uninstalling cc, re-downloading the Adobe uploader, going into Activity monitor (I have a Mac) and stopping all the Adobe processes, deleted the OOBE file from the Library/ App. support etc., but I keep getting back to the same issue. Their so called help is useless - the "24/ 7 Chat" isn't, and all the phone numbers listed through Google are Mon. - Fri. 9 to 5. I see that there are some similar complaints in their own forum, with no answers supplied. Any help, or even sympathy??