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    computer running slow when playing games

    eleanorc64020525 Level 1

      Why is my computer running slow when i play my games please fix

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Perhaps you need to upgrade to a "gaming" computer with more robust specifications?


          These forums are for supporting Adobe software products. Adobe actually has more than 100 software products. And this particular forum is for supporting an output type from an Adobe product named RoboHelp. As I've never seen anyone produce any sort of game using Adobe RoboHelp, I can only assume that your post is in the wrong forum.


          Perhaps you need to post in a forum dedicated to computer hardware issues? You did say your computer was running slow.


          You might try using Google to ask others how to solve a slow running computer.


          Another possibility is that whatever the games are that you are running have a known history of making your computer run slow. So you might want to find a forum dedicated to supporting the games you are trying to play. Or maybe there is a hotline you can call that is staffed by the company that produced your games.


          Best of luck to you in finding an answer to your issue. Unfortunately it's unlikely that anyone visiting this forum will be able to help.


          Cheers... Rick