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    Lr does not update from CC app, (Ps does)


      Hi All,

      Has anyone encountered the problem that Lr is stuck with an old version, 6.3 [9600] and will not update to latest version? It will reinstall, but always with the old version. The Ps version and Br are up dated without problems. I noticed also from the  license screen shot that it thinks my PC is 8.1 instead of 10.


      As a reference, my CC managed version of Ps is 2017.1.0 20170309.r.207

      I have tried: uninstall Lr and reinstall from the web CC version, Log off and log back on again.


      I am missing out on the latest Lr features like Guided upright and Haze. I seem to be stuck in 2015!

      Thanks for any ideas.