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    I can't install Kuler

      there i have a question to solve a problem wich appears while installation of kuler.

      Every time the installation process abort with the Errormessage

      "Sorry an error accured.
      The application could not be installed, cause the Air-Application is damaged.
      Please connect the application author to get a new one."

      Other Air Tools could be installed without a problem.
      I already tried to install Adobe Air again, but the message still accrures.

      My system is a pc in german language with adobe air

      if you like please help me solving this problem.

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          Brent Hardinge
          I'm experiencing the same problem. I tried downloading it with Safari and Firefox on the mac but had the same problem. Any help would be great.
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            PMM Adobe Employee

            Yes, we're currently experiencing an issue with the Kuler Desktop AIR application (as of yesterday, Dec. 11th), and we're working on resolving the issue. We hope to have an updated version posted soon.

            Please check back with us, and thank you for your patience.

            Best regards,
            The Kuler Team
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              PMM Adobe Employee
              We've isolated the issue with the Kuler AIR Desktop, and have fixed the problem. To get the application working again, you'll need to uninstall your current version and then install the latest version.

              You can find the latest version on the kuler.adobe.com main page. Just click on the "Kuler desktop" link on the News and Features area on the far right side of the page after uninstalling your current version.

              We apologize for the added hassle.

              Best regards,
              The Kuler Team
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                Amaru108 Level 1
                Now kuler is running and helping me a lot with my work.

                Thank you for the great work and support!

                I wish you a lot of inspiartion and success