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    Map like service

      Hello, This my first time post here. Please forgive me if I ask something already answered. I already search the forum first.
      Now I'm planning to make application like this:
      a) like google/yahoo/live map, but with much less layer, 5 maxium
      b) each polygon link to a database record, is this possible? if yes, how?
      c) if a attribute in database changed, polygon's attribute will change automatically. for example, color. again if this possible and how?
      d) the flex object could be in 2D, or 3D. in 2D it's polygon; 3D, I'm not sure yet, either cube, or polyface
      e) my original data is in AutoCAD format, is there possible/tool to convert to use in flex?

      If you have any example, it will help me a lot.

      I appreciate your time and wish you happy Christmas.

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          rtalton Level 4
          Your questions all seem to involve using 3D in Flex. Flex has no native 3D support. Flash Player 10 will introduce some 3D features, but I don't think they will work for you. Check out PaperVision 3D and see if their framework can help you. Good luck!