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    Adobe PS - Fast export to PNG sometimes doesn't work


      Hi there,


      I noticed now for some time that the 'fast export to PNG' does not always work ...




      I open several images in PS ...

      I export one via the 'fast export to PNG' option .. that works fine ..

      I then switch to a different document and perform the export ... then sometimes it simply doesn't do anything ... no reaction, nothing saved on disk ...


      It also happens with only 1 open document ... several exports work and then suddently it doesn't do anything anymore ( and I check if the already existing PNG is updated or created ).


      The only way to 'remedy' is then to close the document(s) and reopen them ... it then works again ...






      Here is some system info:


      Versie Adobe Photoshop: 2017.1.0 20170309.r.207 2017/03/09:23:00:00 CL 1107877  x64

      Versie: 10 of hoger

      Systeemarchitectuur: Intel CPU-familie:6, Model:14, Stepping:3 met MMX, SSE-integer, SSE FP, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, HyperThreading

      Aantal fysieke processors: 4

      Aantal logische processors: 8

      Snelheid processor: 3408 MHz

      Ingebouwd geheugen: 65496 MB