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    Buying a new laptop issue


      I am retired from photography and the last version of Adobe I purchased was CS 5. I use it now to do my family genealogy so I don't want to lose it. I have the disc with the serial number. Do I need to uninstall it so I may reinstall it on my new laptop? Also, as things go, it has become a bit corrupted. When I attempted to download updates, I receive a message stating I do not have a qualifying product, I'm confused by this. Can someone explain that to me please? I had been using PS since PS5 on both PC and Mac so I have had many legitimate versions. After trying to do the updates, now I notice the area for receiving them and uninstalling PS is greyed out so if I need to uninstall I won't be able to do so, I guess. Unless I am required to install the disc to do an uninstall. Lot of questions but I have a new laptop on the way. I want to do a clean install so I eliminate those bugs that have found a home on my system. 

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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          If you not going to use your old computer you should deactivate CS5 on it.   You can install CS5  on as many machine as you want but you can only  Activate two machines at any time.  If your CS5 serial numbers is for an Upgrade you need that serial number and the serial number Photoshop version your upgrading to activate your CS5 upgrade.  CS5 is platform specific  to use both PC and Mac you would need two licences and two serials

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            aprilcw Level 1

            Thank you for your response. It is an upgrade, just realized that, and I recall speaking with Adobe on the phone in 2014 when I purchased the current laptop as I was having issues getting CS5 installed. They activated it for me from records they found. As I stated, the deactivate is greyed so I assume since it is an upgrade, that is the issue there. So basically my upgrade disk is worthless unless I contact Adobe and go thru the same process. I lost or threw away a lot of items when we relocated 1000 miles not realizing I was losing my original SN's. Hoping Adobe can help me, but who knows.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              1) You can have your activations reset using the chat option here:

              Contact Customer Care

              Chat 1 + Chat 2.jpg

              2) If you have a serial number for an upgrade version, then you will need the serial number for the version you upgraded from:

              Find your serial number

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                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                If CS6 is activated one your old machine Deactivate should not be grayed out.  and you should be able to find all your versions serial numbers in your Adobe Account Products  to install an upgrade without the prior version installed on the machine you need to use both serial number to activate.