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    Lightroom RAW format file image quality degradation?


      In the image below, you will see the face of a peacock. Both are the same image, however, the image on your left is how the picture looks when it is downloaded onto my Macbook Pro and called up from my photos. The image on the right is how it looks when it is put through Lightroom CC (with zero adjustments). If you look closely at these two images, you will see some distortion and blurring of the minute details. It is most evident around the peacocks neck area where you can see the fibres of the feathers on the left but not in such a level of detail on the right. It is also readily visible around the peacocks eye on the left side of the image. I've asked this question (using a different picture) in a Facebook group. I'll put the settings below, not that I would think they matter, given that I have been able to download the images to my computer with a level of quality that I am pleased with and the issue seems to be with LRCC. Anyone know what is going on?



      Sony A77 M2

      ISO 1600 (via auto)

      F 8.0

      SS 1/1000

      Tamron 600mm.