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    Upgrade Download


      I upgraded last year from Elements 9 to 14.  It upgraded digitally as an offer when I fired up Elements 9.  I paid for the upgrade and it downloaded.


      Now after a complete reinstall of Windows 10 I can't get my 14 upgrade.


      Can anyone tell me how I do this plse?  I still have files from 14 on my computer and one was setup but it's asking me for an I.D.  When I put my adobe I.D. in it said it wasn't correct.  I tried several times with the same result.  This was despite using the same I.D. on the adobe website which worked a few minutes previous.


      As far as I know I didn't get a licence key for the upgrade as it just downloaded straight from elements 9.


      Can anyone tell me how to get my upgrade reinstalled please?