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    Does anyone know why I lose everything I loaded onto Photoshop when I close it down?


      Hi all,


      I have been using PS for about 4 months now and recently it has started resetting itself to how it was in the first month of me using it.

      I don't know how to explain this without patronising anyone so please be patient with me.


      I have downloaded quite a lot of brush, pattern, action sets etc. loaded them into Photoshop and saved them in the preset manager. Recently, when I have been closing Photoshop down, when I load it again, everything I have newly loaded is gone and it resets itself to how it was a month ago. The projects I have been recently working on are still available on the start screen but like I said, all the add-ons are gone and I have to re-load them.


      It seems to be very particular about what it deletes and it's frustrating because this is the third time I've had this problem.


      Can anyone help?


      Thank you in advance,