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    Error Message when taking photo to Photoshop

    AZP Photos Level 1

      I just started getting this error message when I try to take my photo from Lightroom to photoshop.


      - This version of Lightroom may require the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 9.10 for full compatibility.

         Please update the Camera Raw plug-in using the update tool available in the Photoshop help menu.

      Options then are


      Render using Lightroom

      Open Anyway


      It doesn't seem to cause problems if I just open anyway.


      I have tried to go into Photoshop and go through the process of updating my Camera Raw plug-in but it seems to be up to date. All of my apps are currently up to date, at least according to my app manager.


      I'm not sure what to do? Thanks for your help.