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    Pixelation when going from lightroom to photoshop

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      Hi, I have been using CS2 for many years and recently upgraded to Lightroom and Photoshop CC. When i edit my images in Lightroom the images are clear and sharp, but when i hit edit in photoshop they come up all pixelated with lines and pixelation etc. I have read some forums about changing the cache in preferences and then performance and to adjust the cache to 4. My cache is set on 4 and i still am having the same problem, I have also updated my graphics and video cards as i have read in forums, but still have this problem. My images are fine when i zoom in but look terrible when not zoomed in. Is there any other reason that this would be happening.  I keep getting the warning about my Camera Raw not being updated when it is so im not sure if this is causing the problem. See images.Thanks in Advance.Screenshot (107).pngScreenshot (109).pngScreenshot (108).png